Month: January 2017

Tier 4 Compressors

By Ricardo Pires   Tier 4 compressors – why they might be the best choice When we talk about tiers in compressors, we are referring to their engines and to the processes that are used to guarantee a certain maximum amount of emissions. These emissions are measured in terms of CO2, NOX, particulate matter and non-methane hydrocarbons. Please keep in mind that I will only be referring to diesel driven compressors. Why? Because electric driven compressors do not have issues with emissions. All diesel compressors have a certain level of emissions. Let’s look at the main differences between Tier...

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Rent or Buy?

By Ricardo Pires Should I rent or should I buy the compressed air I need? To own a piece of equipment or to rent it are two completely different experiences. Ownership is a huge responsibility to the owner. If the machine breaks down, the owner will immediately have to incur expenses to pay for the machine to be serviced and may need to rent another compressor until his piece of equipment becomes fully operational again. Also, the owner has to pay for replacement parts, filters, etc. These are of course obvious disadvantages of buying vs. renting. Let’s go a...

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Oil free air compressors

By Ricardo Pires Why should I use true oil free air compressors? A lot has been said and written about the presence of oil in compressed air. Some defend that for a few processes and end products, it is ok to have a certain amount of oil in the air used while others say that ideally there should not be any oil in compressed air, independently of the process and end products. Although, everyone can agree that the best solution is to avoid the presence of oil in compressed air all together. But how to guarantee that the air...

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