Month: February 2017

Contingency planning and equipment rental options for seamless operations

By Pragnesh Desai More so than ever before, companies are looking for reliable equipment solutions to maximize production and minimize downtime. In particular, temporary air and nitrogen solutions play a valuable role in maintaining seamless operations during several phases in industrial projects. Specialized rental solutions like portable 100% oil-free compressors, onsite nitrogen generators and accessories are usually required by plant owners, EPC* contractors and general utility contractors for breakdowns, facility upgrade projects, new builds and during turnarounds or maintenance of plants. For short or long-term demands, planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies, specialist rental companies provide a range of options...

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How does the RICE NESHAP regulation affect my company?

By Charles Westhofen Most of us in the equipment industry are aware of the EPA’s regulations for new engines.  We’ve all been working our way through Tier 1 to Final Tier 4.  Sometimes with headaches, sometimes not.  The good news is all new engines have Final Tier 4 emissions, all horsepowers.  More good news is I’ve heard no talk of moving to Tier 5 and beyond.  So we’re done with emissions issues.  Right?  Wrong.  Back in 2013, the EPA decided to regulate existing stationary engines also.  The regulation is called RICE NESHAP, meaning Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine and New...

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Choosing a rental provider for your compressed air needs

By Ricardo Pires Do you need to rent air for your plant or factory? Here is what to look for in a rental compressed air partner: Every plant and factory is unique. Refineries, chemical plants, power plants, pulp and paper plants, manufacturing plants, etc. have very different ways of operating and specific air compressor requirements. Even plants and factories in the same industry can be very distinct from one another. So it makes sense that when you are looking for a rental compressed air partner, your selected provider delivers a customized solution that will work perfectly for you. Here...

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