Author: Chuck Westhofen

Total Cost of Rental

by Chuck Westhofen How much does it cost to rent a compressor for a month?  The short answer is the standard monthly rate.  However, like most things, it’s not that easy or simple.  There are other factors to consider that will impact the “total cost of rental.” These factors include fuel, maintenance, ease of delivery and return, ease of set up and disassemble among others.  How easy it is to drop off the compressor where it is needed?  Can it be delivered on a roll-back truck or is a crane required?  Usually, with a rollback truck, compressors on wheels...

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How does the RICE NESHAP regulation affect my company?

By Charles Westhofen Most of us in the equipment industry are aware of the EPA’s regulations for new engines.  We’ve all been working our way through Tier 1 to Final Tier 4.  Sometimes with headaches, sometimes not.  The good news is all new engines have Final Tier 4 emissions, all horsepowers.  More good news is I’ve heard no talk of moving to Tier 5 and beyond.  So we’re done with emissions issues.  Right?  Wrong.  Back in 2013, the EPA decided to regulate existing stationary engines also.  The regulation is called RICE NESHAP, meaning Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine and New...

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