When buying or renting a generator, you probably use it for one specific application. Very straightforward as you only have one particular need, isn’t it?

Have you ever considered reading the manual of the controller to discover the full potential of the (rented) equipment?

In the below list, you will discover four applications that will enable you to get more out of your machine. The controller will become your best friend. Simple and intuitive and it will put you in complete control.

1. When you need a certain amount of power, maybe a single generator is not always the most efficient solution.

Sometimes paralleling multiple generators is more efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. A controller with the Power Management System (PMS) manages the quantity of generators running in parallel with load demand, starting and stopping units in line with increases or decreases in load. This way, the load on each generator remains at a particular level which improves fuel-efficiency and there are no black-outs during start and stop procedure.

2. Being smart on how energy is used in production facilities saves money and resources and is important for the environment.

There are 3 good reasons to use peak shaving mode: you will increase the fuel efficiency by using several generators in variable load, you can use it when extra power is required during powering up new transformers of the customer. Peak shaving will also be useful when the load would exceed the total available power from the grid.

3. The controller of certain high-end generators will be able to support a transformer maintenance and will make it easier than ever before.

Only a Transformer Maintenance box is required and an expert to connect the box to the high or medium voltage network. The controller will guide you through the process in different steps. It will also help you perform safe transformer maintenance without any power supply interruption. Be aware that the actual maintenance of the transformer needs to be done by specialized companies.

4. Do you use your generator for back-up for the mains?

First: check if the automatic mains failure technology is available. When this is available, you will only be able to reduce the downtime of the first blackout at your production. This setting will immediately start up the generator and synchronize to take over the load from the grid after just a few seconds. When the mains power is back, the generator will synchronize gradually to the mains and avoid a second blackout.

Efficient renting or buying starts at an early stage: be fully informed when you communicate your needs. Recognize that an efficient solution for your actual request sometimes goes beyond a single problem. Think deliberate on how you will be deploying the generator at your production site. Take control to get more benefit for the same investment.