Boosting air and nitrogen at sea

Offshore applications requiring air and or nitrogen are confronted with significant challenges: space is minimal, conditions are rough, and safety and environmental requirements are high. Installations combining higher performance with the smallest possible footprint are crucial to improving efficiency in the offshore industry. Their development however requires some serious thinking.

On shore, the task is more straightforward: you can easily integrate one or more additional compressors into your installations, or you create a parallel system that augments your capacity. At sea, it is a different ballgame: room for maneuverability is limited, risks are higher, and the weather conditions are more demanding. Luckily, expert engineers are pushing technical boundaries by engineering new equipment that meets the high expectations of the offshore industry.

Raising the bar

Now more than ever, offshore projects require efficient solutions with high-performing equipment on a minimal footprint. With that in mind, a single compressor was developed last year that reaches up to 35 bar (500psi). An extremely versatile solution, it is suitable for applications such as pressure testing, de-watering, drying, and nitrogen flushing.

Up to 207 barg

For compressed air applications such as oil and gas exploration drilling and pipeline and well services, you need more than 35 bar (500 psi). So, in addition to the compressor mentioned above, also a new 20-foot booster that increases pressure up to 207 barg (3000 psig) was engineered to combine with the 35-bar compressor. Another step taken to increase efficiency on a lower footprint.

“All these recent technical advances will help increase offshore productivity and efficiency, while decreasing the operation’s footprint. “

Michel Jasica, Manager Offshore – North Sea region

And for nitrogen…

For applications that require nitrogen – such as LNG blanketing or deep-water pipeline purging and packing – the versatile 35-bar compressor can also be combined with a new nitrogen generator, capable of delivering nitrogen up to 33 barg (480 psig) and up to 99.5% purity.

High-pressure air and nitrogen installation
Example of the innovative high-pressure dry air set-up and nitrogen set-up.

“Specialty” Rental

Thanks to our close relationship with the Atlas Copco Group’s engineering department Atlas Copco Rental can develop specialized equipment that is fully tailored to the very specific needs of the offshore industry. Our Atlas Copco Rental full-service commitment means that we deliver a complete set-up to guarantee the requested air.

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Michel Jasica