We live in a world that is much more mindful of what they eat, where it came from and the ingredients used. You will often see food labels that claim “Non-GMO” or “No high fructose corn syrup,” but what if the label was marked with “Contamination free” or “Made with 100% oil-free air?”

The Food and Beverage Industry is not mandated by law to use oil-free air compressors, but with the growing concern of food ingredients, suppliers should really consider only using oil-free machines. Whether you need air supply for food packaging, bottle blowing or conveyors, oil-free air is simply the best solution.

When selecting your air supplier, make sure you ask:

  • Do you have any ISO certifications?
    • This should be on your priority list as ISO certifications are strict, updated frequently and monitored ensuring the highest standards are met.
  • If so, which ones?
    • So they say they are ISO certified, but make sure they are certified where it matters. For the Food and Beverage Industry, an ISO 22000 certification is key. The ISO 22000 food safety management standards help identify and control food safety hazards. If your air supplier isn’t ISO 22000 certified, what risks could that expose your company to?
  • Do you offer Tier 4 technology?
    • Tier 4 technology helps to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and overall costs.
  • Are your machines truly oil-free?
    • There are several ways of twisting words around to make a supplier sound like they are truly oil-free. One term used often is “technically oil-free.” This is not truly oil-free. When it comes to clean, oil free compressed air and nitrogen for your food and beverage processes, you can’t afford to compromise and risk oil contamination.
    • A true 100% oil-free compressed air supplier should be able to provide an ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certification guaranteeing safe, clean equipment.
  • What services are included?
    • Routine maintenance and service issues are inevitable, make sure the vendor has experienced technicians dedicated to keeping production running.
  • How do I contact you if something goes wrong or I have a question?
    • 24/7 availability is a must. Make sure there is a way to contact a real person and not just an automated answering service.