By Ricardo Pires

In an article already published in this blog, you can find some guidelines on how to choose the ideal rental provider for your compressed air needs, in case of an emergency, scheduled maintenance, in contingency situations, etc.

What I want to present to you next is something a bit different that maybe has not occurred to you: Should I go with a general rental company or with a specialty rental company?

When I refer to a “general rental company,” I mean a company who rents compressors, nitrogen membranes and steam, but also rents other types of equipment that are usually not related. A specialty rental company only rents very specific equipment.

There are some important differences between these two types of companies. What can most specialty rental companies bring to you that a general rental company usually can’t?


Specialty rental companies, either they rent compressed air solutions or related such as Nitrogen and Steam equipment, usually have a superior expertise and knowledge in the solutions that the customer is looking for: Remember it’s all they do! They usually have more experience and expertise in the specific applications of their equipment.


Because these companies are so specialized, usually they have the best and most recent equipment available, predominantly environmentally friendly, leaving a small footprint, industry certified and following the most stringent standards (ex: Class 0 oil-free compressors – please see another article in this blog about oil free compressors).

Fleet size is usually bigger and therefore the equipment tends to be available quicker. The diversity and flexibility tends to be better as well, not only in terms of type of equipment but also in terms of pressure, flow, dew points, etc.


The technical personnel receives extensive, specific and focused training and thus tend to perform better maintenance and support. Also their efficiency is usually superior. Because they are so used to deal with specific types of equipment, they become experts in that field.


A specialty rental company will usually present to you the best cost effective solution. Because they are experts in their equipment and have a superior market experience they will deliver a customized solution and a package that perfectly fits your needs. How is this possible? Because their sale representatives, through questioning and experience, are able to get a deep understanding of what exactly are the customer needs.

The reputation and the track record of a specialty rental company is of course important to check. A good company usually brings value to the customer first thing and will give you peace of mind because you are dealing with people who know exactly what they are doing.