When 35 bar becomes the optimal feed air for air compressors

High-pressure compressed air is crucial for a variety of production processes and applications. Mostly, a production site needs 7, 10 or 12 bar, but sometimes that is not high enough. An air booster can be connected to the compressor to increase the pressure: a 25 bar feed air connected with a 2-stage booster will typically bring output pressure up to 150 bar.

But even that could not be enough to achieve the maximal efficiency for applications such as drilling or pressure testing. That is when a 35 bar high-pressure compressor, oil-injected compressed air, appears on stage. It gets even better. By providing a 35 bar feed air to a newly invented 2-stage booster, the ultimate output pressure can be up to 210 bar. The sky is the limit!


Crucial improvement for user and environment

There is even more. Except of a higher pressure, what improvements delivers a 35 bar screw compressor for your operations?

  • Fewer compressors achieve the same pressure.
    • Where an additional booster was needed to reach 35 bar, a single machine reaches this objective now, improving the return on investment (ROI).
    • Fewer compressors need less space required at a production site. For example for offshore activities, this smaller footprint is a blessing.
    • Fewer machines represent a reduced need for maintenance and fuel, resulting in a lower operating cost for the customer.
  • This creates less impact for the environment as well.
    • Fewer machines in operation produce less waste and it also improves fuel consumption.
    • In consequence, Stage IV emission standard reduces the environmental impact without having to hand in on performance.
  • Less time needed: the high pressure will boost productivity.
    • For drilling activities for example, high pressure compressors will efficiently increase drilling speed, enabling a company to reduce the cost per meter drilled. This will improve overall profitability.
  • More flexibility: as the pressure can be set anywhere between 15 and 35 bar with Extended Pressure Range (XPR) technology.
    • Instead of renting/buying different compressors with a different pressure range, this single unit covers it all.


Reinventing the maximum pressure of a single compressor is a positive evolution, both for the user, as it optimizes costs and efficiency, and for the environment. That is what we strive for when innovating at Atlas Copco. There is always a better way.

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