Does your production process leave dirt behind on your machines? Did you encounter mold or moss on some of the surfaces? Or do you see oil stains in your empty storage tanks? These contaminations are the logical results of the production process, but they come at a cost. Longer production cycles, safety risks, reduced efficiency, … these are just a few of the consequences. Thoroughly cleaning machines, tools or surfaces can resolve this. But how about the critical installations that use electricity or machines that cannot be contaminated by chemicals?  Dry-ice will make your cleaning challenges disappear like snow before the sun.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator before dry-ice cleaning.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator before dry-ice cleaning

Heat Recovery Steam Generator before dry-ice cleaning

Heat Recovery Steam Generator after dry-ice cleaning


What is this cool cleaning method?

Dry-ice blasting is a dry process which makes use of CO2 as an alternative to other blasting medias. This technology will save you time and money as it is one of the most effective cleaning methods compared to conventional methods.

  • Minimum downtime, maximum results 
    Dry-ice blasting requires less prep time as you no longer need to disassemble the machine.
  • Improved efficiency
    It extends the lifespan of the machines as there is less to no corrosion or damage to equipment.
  • Safety first
    Because this is a dry process, you can use this method safely around bearings and electrical components.
  • Save money 
    The shorter timeframe and the improved lifespan combined with reduced labour costs make you save money you can spend elsewhere.


But is dry-ice cleaning environmental friendly?

Yes! Once the dry ice hits a surface, it vaporizes into a gas which returns back to its natural state in the atmosphere. During this process, you will not have to clean any other waste than whatever is blasted of. It is also FDA food grade certified which will not only kill bacteria and fungus upon contact, but it will also contribute to moisture reduction. This reduction aids in inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

This makes that dry-ice blasting is known as the “cleanest”, most “environmental friendly” way to clean and prep any surface. It is a modern alternative for chemical cleaning, sandblasting, water blasting and other conventional methods.


Is it for all industries?

Yes, it does not matter if you are in manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive, pulp and paper or if you are a power plant. By adjusting the pressure of the process, dry-ice blasting is ideal for surface preparation by either cleaning the surface or stripping the paint completely. Are you curious about real life application stories? Then discover now how a Cypriot power plant cleaned their complete Heat Recovery Steam Generators within two weeks with our oil-free compressed air at high pressure (24barg), or how a Thai power plant increased their efficiency again thanks to dry-ice cleaning.


An icy partnership!

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) generate 80 percent of the world’s electric power. To ensure that these turbines can recuperate as much heat as possible, they need deep cleaning every few years. That’s where Precision Iceblast Corporation and Atlas Copco Rental come in: this partnership ensures that power plants can clean electrical components safely with this dry-ice blasting technique. Precision Iceblast Corporation is the world’s leading company in HRSG Cleaning. The company follows a strict procedure with quality codes and patented technologies to ensure that all the tubes inside the modules are thoroughly cleaned, regardless of the size.